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Introducing 7 Sirens, the world’s superior premium white rum.
It’s about time the world drinks better rum.


7 Sirens Super Premium White Rum is crafted in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and aged for two years in white oak barrels.
 7 Sirens brings quality, consistency and elegance to the notion of rum. Our meticulous distilling process results in a smooth taste with notes of fresh molasses, sweet sugar cane and tropical fruits with a clean vanilla finish; all to finish in the palate with the true taste of perfectly distilled rum. From bottle to palate, it exudes a Spirit of Excellence. 7 Sirens White Rum is absolutely the best tasting white rum in the world.

7 Sirens crest

The 7 Sirens Crest exudes the rich heritage of rum and the ancient mythology of the Sirens with a modern illustration of a centuries old Spirit.

7 Sirens of the 7 seas

Each of the 7 Seas has a unique cultural identity that will be portrayed in different expressions of 7 Sirens Rum.

White rum

Light, smooth and flavorful: the most versatile Spirit used in cocktails around the world; influenced by aging in white oak barrels.

Aged two years

7 Sirens Rum is aged for 2 years to achieve a smooth and flavorful character without compromising the true taste of a high quality spirit.


Often thought to be a myth and commonly referred to as mermaids, Sirens are the most beautiful beings roaming the 7 Seas; captivating the attention of all fortunate to encounter them.

7 Sirens Rum was especially distilled with craft cocktails in mind. Living in an age of mass-produced volume driven brands, we believed we could produce a Rum worthy of recognition by our most important advocates in mixology. An extremely controlled production process and the highest quality ingredients are key in creating 7 Sirens distinctively smooth flavor.

Cheers to all Mixologists! Thanks for keeping our hearts full of Spirit. - 7 Sirens


7 Sirens in the Wild

7 Sirens Rum Mojito Recipe

Cherry Mojito

1 1/2 oz 7 Sirens White Rum
3/4 ozLime juice
3/4 oz1:1 Syrup
2 Sprigs of Mint
Soda Water

To make this classic cherry mojito recipe, First add 2 sprigs of mint (just leaves) to a pint glass. Add 1:1 syrup. Gently muddle the mint. Add Cherries. Gently muddle the cherries. Add lime juice and 7 Sirens White Rum. Fill glass with crushed ice and top with soda water.

7 Sirens Rum Daiquiri Recipe

Royal Club Daiquiri

1 1/2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
3/4 ozLime Juice
1 oz1:1 Syrup
2 Sprigs of Tarragon
1 Dash of Angostura
Sparkling Wine

Mix all ingredients together, Add ice. Shake, Strain and float with Sparkling Wine.

7 Sirens Rum Cucumber Cocktail Recipe

Cucumber Splash

1 1/2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
3/4 oz Lime Juice
1/2 oz2:1 Simple Syrup
4Slices of Cucumber
1 1/2 ozSoda Water

Combine all ingredients and Shake. Add 1 1/2 oz of soda water. Strain into a Collins glass full of ice. Garnish with slices of cucumber and salt and pepper.

7 Sirens Rum Twist on a Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Rum Fashioned

2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
1/2 ozAntica formula
1 tsp Demerara 2:1 Syrup
1Dash of Angostura Bitters
1Dash of Orange Bitters
Orange and Lemon Twist

Combine all ingredients and then stir and strain on to large ice cubes and add orange and lemon twists as garnish.

7 Sirens Rum Lemonade Cocktail


1 1/2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
3/4 ozLemon Juice
3/4 ozSt. Germain
1/2 oz 2:1 Syrup
1 oz Soda Water
Lemon Twist

Add all ingredients together. Shake. Add 1 oz soda water. Strain into a Collins filled with ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

7 Sirens Rum Variation on a Hemingway Daiquiri Recipe

Portland OR

Hemingway Daiquiri Variation

2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
1/2 ozLime Juice
2 tsp Luxardo Maraschino Originale
1/2 ozDemarara Simple Syrup

Shake straight and pour over crushed ice.

Judy Tan & Takako Shinjo

Ginger Su #7

2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
2 oz Soda Water
1 oz Genki-Su Japanese Drinking Vinegar Ginger-Honey Flavor

This is a collaboration with 7 Sirens Rum and Genki-Su which is a new Japanese drinking vinegar. We met the founders at a recent party and loved how the two drinks paired together. So, shake straight, pour over crushed ice and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Ariana Gast

Teardrop Lounge | Portland, OR

Shanghai Buck

2 oz7 Sirens White Rum
1 ozLime Juice
1/2 ozDemerara Syrup
Ginger Beer

Shake rum, lime juice and syrup. Pour over ice - add ginger beer and garnish with a lime wheel.

7 Sirens Rum Special Holiday Egg Nog Recipe

7 Sirens Rum Kitchen | Portland, OR

7 Sirens Rum Special Holiday Coco Nog Recipe

1/2 Bottle of 7 Sirens Rum
1 CanCoco Lopez
1 CanEvaporated Milk
1 CanCondensed Milk
5 tbspCinnamon
1 tbspNutmeg

Instructions: This cocounut twist on the traditional holiday egg nog recipe will win all your guests over at your next holiday party!
Add all ingredients to blender and blend for 3 minutes. Serve cold and garnish creatively! Lime peels and cinnamon sticks work great!
This recipe is an original recipe from the founder of 7 Sirens Rum which has been passed down from generation to generation.

7 Sirens News & Events

7 Sirens Rum Availability List – Oregon

7 Sirens Rum is now available! Our first state we’ve launched in is the state of Oregon. Below is a list of where you can try 7 Sirens White Rum at a Bar/Restaurant or a Liquor store where you can pick up a bottle! This list will be updated continually as 7 Sirens becomes available…

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7 Sirens Rum VIP Lounge at Fifth Avenue Lounge Night Club

We are so excited to announce that 7 Sirens Rum has partnered up with Portland’s Best Rated Nightclub – Fifth Avenue Lounge to bring you the 7 Sirens Rum VIP Lounge. Located in the heart of Portland in Old Town, party it up every weekend with Portland’s finest and enjoy the 7 Sirens VIP Lounge…

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7 Sirens Rum

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